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JP Telecomm grew out of a passion for communications technology

Our Story

The infrastructure that our communications systems run on are deeply interconnected.

HAM radio operators have been at the forefront of not only radio communications, but developments in cellular technology, microwave communications, telephony, paging, and the internet. Our team started in and are still HAM radio operators, and use the skills developed there to work on communications technology at every level. We’ve been independent since 2014, and serve the entire Inland Northwest.

Understanding your needs from the bottom up

Office telephony, company-wide paging systems, television and radio translator districts — no matter what your communications needs, JPT understands the technology that makes it work from the most base level up. That means we’re able to create solutions that are truly customized for your needs.

Deeply Committed

Because our team often works on public safety systems, we are committed to keeping everyone’s telecommunications infrastructure operating properly.

Highly Skilled

With a combined 50 years of experience, our crew has worked on just about every communications system you can imagine. We’re able to efficiently design, troubleshoot, install, and maintain your systems.

Service Focused

Even the best radio shops aren’t going to do your team any good if you can’t get them on the phone. Our team is on-call for emergency outages as well as daily maintenance.

Jeremiah Puhek

Owner / Technician

Caswallon Watkins


Kira Stewart

Technician / Communications