The owner of JP Telecomm has been a Ham (Amateur) radio operator for 20 years, so JPT understand how important it is to support the Ham radio community. We do our best to make sure Hams can enjoy the hobby with out having to break the bank.

Device Troubleshooting & Repair

From vintage to modern, JPT can troubleshoot and repair nearly any make, model, or type of radio. JPT has a fully equipped professional repair shop with ready for just about any issue.

JPT changes $50/Hour for all Ham Radio work and in some cases we can arrange for pick up and drop off repairs if we have jobs in the area.

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Tower Work

JP Telecomm has a trained tower crew on staff with over 50 years combined experience. We can build, repair and remove just about any tower from any site, as well as work on the equipment mounted on it.

We can install anything from small antennas to multi-band HF yagis on your tower and make sure it’s done safely. We want to make sure you can enjoy the hobby with out having to worry about your tower or antennas.

Mobile Installations

Half the fun of being on the radio is being able to take the radio along with you. Mobile installations in your car, truck, or any form of transportation you can imagine. JP Telecomm can help pick out and install the right antennas and radios to keep you connected.

Repeater Work

JP Telecomm has the equipment and experience to quickly troubleshoot and repair system issues with most any repeater systems. With out on staff tower crew we can troubleshoots issues on the tower as well as in the building. Plus snow won’t slow us down, we have a fully equipped Tracked UTV to handle the winter months, See our Winter Transportation¬†¬†for more information.


Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.