No matter how well-designed your system may be, it can be┬ávulnerable to hacking or intrusion, and therefore at risk of becoming useless. Full systems security includes both physical access and access via any connected networks. JP Telecomm offers security audits that will identify the vulnerabilities in your networks along with quotes and suggestions for improvement. If you are locked out of accounts, networks, or systems that you own, JP Telecomm also offers white-hat hacking services to get you in when you’ve lost a password or been locked out. Custom intrusion detection and prevention systems are also available.

Security Audits

For everything from your physical building to your telephone and computer networks, JP Telecomm offers a full range of security audits that will help identify, define, and eliminate any security vulnerabilities. Understanding the issues of customer and employee privacy, all security audits offer the options of non-disclosure agreements, full reports of the results of the audit, and suggestions for preventing exploitation of your system in the future. If you have an ongoing security issue, we can offer targeted audits that examine one specific area of concern, as well as options for continual system monitoring and referral to highly recommended ongoing security monitoring companies.

White-Hat Hacking

When you’ve got old systems that you have long since lost a password for, an employee that left the company without sharing all of their passwords or essential information, or just cannot access a system, then JP Telecomm offers white-hat hacking services that get you access to your data quickly and effectively. For any system or network that you own, you can contract with JP Telecomm to restore your access or even lock out an individual that no longer has rights to the system.

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

For your electronic networks, JP Telecomm offers a full range of intrusion detection and prevention services that can alert and/or prevent break-in attempts. This kind of detection and prevention can assist with the protection of customer and employee data, reducing company liability in the long term. This can be combined with network monitoring services.

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