Keeping radio sites up and running is a year round job and in the Northwest that means dealing with some nasty weather.

We can make sure your sites stay up no matter what the weather looks like. We provide year round services for radio sites with our tracked UTV, agreements with local helicopter companies, and trained technicians.

Transportation Services.

JPT has a Turbocharged Polaris Ranger XP800 with Powder rated Mattracks. With this unit we can carry up to 300 pounds of equipment, depending on snow conditions. In Mud or hard pack snow we can haul more equipment with our trailer attached to the UTV.

We also have agreements with a helicopter company out of Felts Field in Spokane, WA for transportation to sites when our UTV can’t make the trip.

Winter Site repairs.

We can do most repair work on radios sites year round within safety limits of the weather conditions. This includes most equipment repairs and some tower work. Tower work is limited by the weather and icing condition on the tower at the site.


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