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The JP Telecomm crew has extensive experience with both radio and television broadcast, including translator networks. We’re able to customize solutions and maintain a wide variety of broadcast-specific equipment.

Broadcast Support

We are able to support, repair, install , and maintain most transmitter, link, and studio equipment. With 24/7 on-call contracts, an in-house monitoring system, and tower maintenance capabilities, we are able to support 99.99% on-air uptime.

Transmitter equipment

We are able to support most transmitter equipment, including solid state and tube transmitters. We are also able to support most AM transmitting systems.

STL & Control Links

Our team is experienced with Studio-to-Transmitter links and control links. Installation, troubleshooting, and repair are all handled as quickly as possible, knowing that uptime is essential for broadcasters.

Media Delivery Systems

We are able to support TV and FM translator systems that pull their content from Over the Air, cable, IP streams, and satellite downlinks. We can also support MUXing of content to build custom content delivery for TV, FM, and cable systems. We are also able to work on satellite uplink systems.

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