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Network & Phone System Support

JP Telecomm offers services designing, building, monitoring, maintaining, upgrading, and repairing a wide variety of telecommunications networks on almost any scale. If it’s electronic and communicates, we can likely work on it.

Computer Networks

From a small business office to large multi-site corporations, JP Telecomm has experience in almost every type of computer network. For mission-critical systems, JP Telecomm can set up your on-site monitoring software, or use our in-house servers to provide you with system alerts.

We use the well-established Cacti system on Linux for both system and service monitoring solutions. If your network is in need of upgrade or maintenance, we can design, order parts, and install systems that meet your functionality and budget requirement. For tight budgets, we also offer expertly refurbished equipment.

Telephone Networks

For either VOIP or traditional telephony, JP Telecomm offers a full range of services for your phone systems. Small office telephone networks to large, high-demand call centers — whatever your needs, we have experience working in existing systems or building new ones from the ground-up. From programming the PBX to wiring the system, we are a one-stop shop for ensuring that your telephone network meets the needs of your business.

Terrestrial Microwave Networks

Terrestrial microwave networks are used to transmit large amounts of data at high speeds to rural and difficult-to-reach areas with very little existing infrastructure. Used widely in mountainous areas and across the Inland Northwest, terrestrial microwave networks integrate with both telephone and data systems. we have experience working on a variety of these networks, and can do everything from design and build a new system to monitor and maintain your existing network.

Satellite Networks

For high-speed, high volume data transmission with a large coverage area, satellite networks provide both voice and data connections. we can help identify satellite service to match your needs, quote pricing and equipment for the service, and install the equipment and services to connect to your networks. We also work with existing services to expand service into the Inland Northwest or surrounding areas.

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