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Tower Work

JP Telecomm has Comtain trained and certified tower climbers, educated on tower climbing best practices. Our team is able to assist with tower construction and maintenance, as well as working on most tower-mounted equipment.

Tower mounted Equipment

Our crew is able to install, maintain, and remove the equipment mounted to towers efficiently and safely. This includes microwave dishes, antennas, beacon lights, cable/cable management, and STL link equipment.

Tower Construction & Deconstruction

Our team is able to work on both towers and mono-poles up to 300 feet in height. We will also coordinate with subcontractors and manage your tower project start to finish.

Tower Maintenance

Towers are an integral part of most telecommunications systems, and you can’t afford to have that tower damaged by neglect. JPT offers full tower inspections and preventative maintenance intervals to help spot and protect problems before they take down your system.

Winter Services

JP Telecomm has the equipment to reach many hard-to-reach tower sites, even in the worst weather conditions. We are able to use our ATV track vehicle or snowmobiles to reach most sites in snowy conditions.


Tower time

$135 per technician from the time the climber gets on the steel to when they remove their harness.

Ground time

Any off-steel work on the site is charged at $95 per hour.

Travel time

$85 per hour from the time we leave the shop until the team reaches the job site.

Per diem

$250 per night to cover hotel and meal costs.


$300 additional per job where our team needs to use the UTV to reach the site.

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